Domestic walling

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Dry stone walling is an ancient traditional craft that originates from archaic roots when upland fields and moors were cleared of rock and boulders for agriculture and walls built to separate farms and stock animals.

This still continues today and is still a large part of our work, but now walling is also an understandably popular option for building in gardens, urban and residential settings. It can provide a stunning and aesthetically pleasing alternative to fencing or hedges, which need regular maintenance. They also last more than a lifetime if looked after well, and provide habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna. See below!

We understand that if you choose to have dry stone walling work in your own garden, you are committing to a relationship. It’s something that you will live with every day.


When building for gardens, the same traditional guidelines for building walls: strength from within, sound and solid are standard.  We can build you a field style wall or a more refined and smooth wall; either way, it will blend in subtly to the look and feel of your home and garden. The style of wall is up to you.

From delivering the stone of your choice and digging out the foundations, to checking each detail and laying the final top stone, we take great pride in our work. Each stone wall builds on the richness of a tradition and adds something special and unique to our area.

Call us today and we can arrange to visit and talk with you about your ideas and help realise your new garden with dry stone walling as a beautiful new part of it.