Sandstone summer walling projects

Seems like the summer sandstone dry stone wall projects are flying off the shelf. This is for Abigail and Duncan in Bamford. turning their small wasteland into something a bit more controlled that they will now be able to manage themselves, grow some veg around and the kids will be able to enjoy playing around the garden a bit more!

Stone is new ‘out the hole’ from Ken Elliot at Shepard’s Flatt Farm at Foolow. Great for dry stone wall, good price and delivered with no fuss in to the smallest of locations! Thanks Ken. In 5 or 10 years’ time this new golden sandstone will have darkened down and gained a similar colour to the weathered local stone in the area, so is there really a point to buying in grit stone from Lancashire at over £100 a ton just for the colour? This stone is true golden Derbyshire sandstone and 150 years ago when most of the walls in Derbyshire were being built, this is what they were being built of, so in many ways, if we use this new stone instead of hankering after the weathered and worn look, we are being a lot more true to the ethos of walling, which is to use the materials of the local area in the wall.

Enjoy your wall Abigail, Duncan and family. Here’s to the next 150 years!