Hedge planting

Hedge planting in Bakewell

Bare root hedge plants are currently quite cheap and you’ll find that a lot of nurseries and online companies are having sales and promotions at the moment. This is to mark the end of the bare root season, after which hedge plants must really be planted with root ball or in pots.

Quickly established

Bare root is a cheap and relatively quick way to get a new hedge established or add to and thicken up an existing hedge. We like to plant mixed hedging, which provides good, thick cover, as well as making a haven to birds and other wildlife from the word go!

Different species

Hazel, beech, hornbeam and if you must, hawthorn are all popular choices for hedge plants.

Here we are in Bakewell, planting out a hedge of fagus sylvaticus (common beech) which will provide a thick, luxuriant bronze covering around this garden in years to come. We get a lot of our hedging plants from online sources like Hedges Direct.

In just a couple of years, this hedge will provide a thick, green covering, and in the winter months, a golden coloured hedge. Beech is the natural hedge plant choice for beauty. Try also hornbeam, which gives a very similar type of cover. See examples in our gallery.