Winter chipping and tree works

Winter with the wood chipper. This month and the next 2 are the season to be carrying out major tree works and disturbances. As most trees are in their dormant phase in the winter, the sap has receded into the inner parts of the tree prior to new growth, the tree is less prone to injury and inflow of fungi and harmful bacterial infections, which are less abundant in winter.

If you are looking at crown raising/lifting, crown reduction to gain more light, or just sensitive pruning work to attain a desired shape and size, then this is the best time of year.

With leaf cover gone, you will be able to get a good idea of the framework of the tree and work is a lot easier to carry out.

In addition to this, there are generally fewer plants on the ground that may become damaged at other times of the year. Winter is a great time to carry out tree work and get an image change for the New Year!

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We choose the timberwolf 150DHB diesel wood chipper for fast site clearance and efficient works for our clients.

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