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Your first call for professional tree surgery in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, The Peak District and beyond. We provide an efficient, professional service, taking care of all your trees. We like to do the best by our clients as well as their trees. We will always try to come up with the most fitting solution to your needs, whilst making the best decisions to benefit your trees.

Emergency Call Out Service

Call 07761 417987 or 01433 630533

We are available to discuss making trees safe after hazardous weather and emergency.

Tree Felling and Removal

Safe removal, including problem and storm-damaged trees. We can advise on the best and safest method for removal, including risk assessment and start to end care to ensure problem free removal of your trees.

Crown Work

Including Thinning and Reduction. We carry out the full range of crown work operations. We can advise on the best approach for your needs and achieve the best outcome for you and your trees.

Hedge maintenance

We can help you with regular maintenance, cutting and trimming your hedges, no matter the size, as well as reductions and other work.

Dry Stone Walling

Click here for all our dry stone walling services.

Tree Planting

We are able to carry out small scale and larger scale forestry work and tree planting for a range of needs. We can advise you on the right tree for your project, find the best quality plants for you and ensure that they are planted with care , so that they grow their best. We also provide on-going maintenance and after-care for trees once sited.

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